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Chesterfield Cellars

Award-Winning wines from Santa Barbara County

Our Commitment

Chesterfield Cellars is a hidden gem in the heart of Santa Barbara's pristine wine country. Our expertise lies in creating limited-production, award-winning wines while upholding time-honored winemaking methods and environmentally conscious approaches. Known for our commitment to excellence and a resource for top-quality wines.


Small Batch Winemaking


Our Wines


Our Story

Welcome to Chesterfield Cellars, where the journey to making our own wine began over fifteen years ago. We, Linda and David Chesterfield, have embarked on this adventure, which has been driven by our shared passion for exceptional wines and a dream of creating something extraordinary.

Our Winemaker

Nick Morello is undoubtedly a man of diverse passions and pursuits. His career has encompassed stints in the oil industry and time as a professional golfer, where he showcased his skill on the Nike Tour. However, it was his transition to the realm of wine that truly ignited his interest.

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