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Our Winemaker

Nick Morello's true passion lies in crafting terroir-driven wines with impeccable balance. His expertise in the Santa Barbara County AVAs coupled with his innate artistry in winemaking truly sets him apart.

Winemaker for Chesterfield Cellars , Nick Morello tastes grapes on the vine.

Nick Morello is undoubtedly a man of diverse passions. His career has encompassed stints in the oil industry and time as a professional golfer, where he showcased his skill on the Nike Tour. However, it was his transition to the realm of wine that truly ignited his interest. Adding to his achievements, Nick is among the accomplished California winemakers graduating from the prestigious Viticulture/Enology department at the University of California Davis.


Nick's entry into the world of wine started in 1998, marking the beginning of a dynamic career that culminated in his appointment as a head winemaker in 2003 at Leona Valley Winery, nestled in Northern Los Angeles County. After a rewarding six-year tenure, he chose to channel his energies into his own venture, Morello Wines. This boutique

label quickly gained acclaim in Santa Barbara County and is renowned for its production of meticulously crafted small-lot wines. Simultaneously, Nick serves as a consultant for select wineries in both Santa Barbara and the Central Coast, lending his expertise to refining their winemaking practices.

His true passion lies in crafting terroir-driven wines with impeccable balance. “The important thing is making a truly balanced wine,” he recently commented. “That’s where the real talent comes in winemaking. Many people can make wines, but only a few can make a real wine that accurately reflects the terroir of the land on which the grapes were grown."


As a devoted advocate of biodynamic farming, Nick Morello is also an expert on Santa Barbara County's diverse AVAs (American Viticultural Areas). His deep-rooted relationships with esteemed growers ensure access to top-quality fruit for Morello Wines as well as the wineries he works with. Nick also holds praise for Genevieve Janssens, a luminary winemaker from Robert Mondavi Winery, who is his primary inspiration and principal influence in the wine industry. He resonates deeply with her philosophy, echoing her belief that the true artistry of winemaking springs from within, guided by traditional winemaking practices.


Nick Morello’s interests are abundant and it is without question that his enthusiasm for all things ‘wine’ has added remarkable depth to the 

Nick Morello, winemaker enjoys glass of Champagne near the beach.

wines he produces and the relationships he builds. We are thrilled to have him on our team here at Chesterfield Cellars.

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