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Wine Pairings

The perfect pairing of a great bottle of wine and a delicious recipe can make a meal truly unforgettable. At Chesterfield Cellars, we strive to create wines that are a wonderful complement to all types of food. With just the right balance of acidity, sweetness, and tannins, our wines are sure to be the highlight of your meal.

Lamb roast, tied with spices and sprigs of rosemary to pair with Chesterfield Cellars wine.

A delicious recipe, perfect for any night of the week or special occasion.

Rosemary & Thyme Braised Lamb Shoulder

A recipe image with a close up of asparagus and baby artichokes on a table

Flavorful and easy, these roasted veggies are an ideal addition to any main dish.

Roasted Asparagus & Baby Artichokes

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